Adonia StemuTone Review – Plant Stem Cell Serum

While there are always plenty of new skin care products streaming onto the market, I recently read a story about a new natural body firming serum that caught my attention. The product is called StemuTone serum and is made by Greek-inspired Adonia Organics. According to the manufacturer, this stunning new serum will fade the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin in as little as three days. While I am generally skeptical about anything that claims to solve such a difficult beauty dilemma so quickly, I also understand how exciting the emerging use of plant stem cells in skin care can be. This hot new trend is quickly gaining traction in the industry as consumers have reported results that may have sounded scientifically impossible just a few short years ago. At the very least, I figured it was worth a try so I could share my experience with all of you!

I found the official company website ( and placed an order. The website offered some detailed before and after photographs along with a fairly detailed clinical efficacy study conducted by a reputable independent lab. Their studies cited an improvement in lines and body wrinkles of 32% after 3 days of testing and 78% after 28 days. Overall, I thought the site was very user-friendly and offered a convenient, hassle-free shopping experience. So far so good!

Next was the part that always has me on edge, waiting for my shipment to arrive. Fortunately, I received my order in 3 days so I must give credit to Adonia for their prompt service. The shipment arrived in a well-packaged box and came with detailed application tips and instructions along with a catalog showcasing the rest of their product line. I tried it for the first time that evening after carefully reading the instructions. The product has a smooth creamy texture that I would describe as being similar to a rich body lotion. It absorbed well without being greasy and had a subtle fresh scent that quickly went away after the serum was applied.

My first two test spots were a patch of dry, sagging skin on my forearms that I can’t seem to get rid of and also on a few persistent stretch marks left over from when I had my daughter, Elizabeth. I made sure to apply the serum as instructed for the next 3 days with my goal being to match the kind of results Adonia described in their clinical study. While I really wanted to cheat and do a little comparison in front of the mirror on the second day, I decided to give the product a fair chance and wait the full three days.

Want to know what my results were like?

Check back tomorrow as I post and update with 3-day, 7-day, and 14-day results.


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  1. Are there the mentioned updates for the 3,7 and 14 day
    review of using the StemUTone product?

    Thanks for any reply


  2. I wanted to know your results after stemutone..did it firm??

  3. And have you tried any other toning products

  4. so I can’t find the next day….where is it? Does the product work or not?

  5. I just stumbled up on your website, as you do 🙂 …great article/review, I am looking forward to reading your review, if possible can you also list the ingredients or attach an image of the ingredients if easier.

  6. can you also use this product on face??

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